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Bungalow Antiques specializes in rare old doors and Columns.

Colonial Furniture

Transport yourself to this exotic country with 19th Century Dutch Colonial Teak Wood Cabinets,  1850 Ebony & Satin Wood Cabinet, 1930 Leopard Chairs, Inlaid Round Marble Table and Leather Stools with Bungalow Antiques colonial furniture.

Architecture Antiques

18th & 19th Century Solid Teak Wood Columns and Windows from Colonial Churches, Solid Teak Wood Door from Village Temples, French Colonial Fireplace Mantel &  Venetian Mirrors

Rustic & Garden Items

We have many Old World items such as Marble Wall Fountains from Colonial Gardens, 19th Century Wooden Religous Figures, Bronze Lions from an Old Fort, Marble Lions from A Colonial Mansion and Cast Iron Benches from Colonial Railway Stations- Come Visit Us!

Take a peek at bungalow antiques before building your dream home.

You will be glad you did!