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About Us

Bungalow Antiques was started in 1996 in Houston Texas primarily to introduce colonial furniture made in the 19th century and early 20th century from the then British ruled states like Burma, Malaysia, India and Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka). While there were plenty of European furniture flooded the market in Houston in the late 20th century it was rare to see heavy hand crafted wooden furniture in Houston. The inventory in Bungalow Antiques filled that need. The owners of large ranches in Texas and in the nearby states loved the colonial furniture because of the wood patina, heavy rustic appearance and antique look matched their requirements. With the increasing demand for the various items displayed in our showroom Bungalow Antiques expanded to large architectural pieces, carpets and garden appurtenances.

Bungalow Antiques, in its 18,000 square feet showroom, carries one of the largest and most diverse stocks of architectural antiques and colonial furniture in the nation. Bungalow Antiques specializes in rare old doors and Columns.