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Q. Where do your furniture come from ?
A. Mostly from Burma, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka.

Q. What period they are made?
A. They are from 19th century and early 20th century.

Q. What wood or material used in your furniture.
A. Mixture of high end furniture woods. About 80% per cent of the items we have are made from teak wood. The rest are made from Rosewood, Walnut and Mahogany.

Q. Will your furniture be susceptible for attacks from wood beetles and other insects.
A. Three woods Rosewood, Neem wood and Teak wood will resist attacks from all insects and beetles. Most of our furniture are made from teak wood.

Q. Will your furniture need constant maintenance or polishing.
A. No. Teak wood is the most stable wood. As it ages it will gradually improve with great patina.

Q. What is special about the furniture?
A. It was the way these items were made. All items were handcrafted in old world carpentry
with mortison and tenon joints.

Q. Can you arrange to deliver the goods?
A. Yes . We will arrange to deliver the items at your place.

Q. Can you accept Lay-Aways.
A. Yes.

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